Rebuilding a War-Torn America Series Announcement

Our longing for normality is a barrier to change.

– Tephra Miriam

Our world has been engulfed in the flames of revolution that is challenging systemic issues that result in the murder of Black men and women in America by members of the police. The symbolism that protesting provides has the power to shape perspectives, but the truth is just as George Floyd’s brother stated. For lasting change to occur, Black America must make a multifaceted, strategic, and long-term plan devised to penetrate a system of slavery, oppression, and inequality in this country.

What needs to be thoroughly understood is that many areas other than police reform flow into an ecosystem of oppression, and need to be simultaneously reformed for the world to change. Gaining full knowledge of seven key areas of reform, and creating an action plan as an individual and also with friends, family, and community leaders is what we need to do now. Protest only is not enough.

The goal of this series is to package a bite-size understanding of the system of slavery in its entirety and begin to look at what it would take to make lasting change because protesting is just the beginning. In order to understand the road ahead, we have to look at the architecture of the current slave system in America and start at the very origin of slavery.

The articles and videos in this series will be based on the model below.

Series List

  1. Overcoming the Slave System in the U.S.
  2. The Leftover Dynamic of a Slave Era
  3. The Role of Corporate America in the Midst of Revolution

This series is in memory of George Floyd and all People of Color who have died in hate crimes in America.

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