How Kate Spade Helped Me To Dream


As women, we are taught to abandon our femininity in order to be taken seriously. I bought into this for a long time myself.

Kate Spade’s brand flows across clothing, shoes, home decor, accessories and much more. Kate brought flare back to the professional woman, taught us to dream in Technicolor and reminded us that you don’t have to deny your femininity in order to be taken seriously.

IMG_20180627_230758.jpgI remember hunting for a planner the past two years. My heart rejoiced when I came across Kate’s stunning planners and notebooks. I didn’t want to simply organize my week, I wanted to dream big and paint my dreams on the horizon of life. I spend many nights with my Kate Spade planner in my lap. Writing, journaling, brainstorming and using the stickers to brighten up the pages. I use the pockets inside for my keepsakes; something I always used to do as a child. I keep perfume samples, stamps, articles and anything that I come across that resonates with me. As an author and an incredibly busy professional, it provides play and imagination to my work life. Her planners especially have become my source of comfort and I use them not only as a way to organize my life but to record goals and important notes. I used her planner and notebook to prepare for an extremely difficult legal meeting and to be able to see something beautiful in the midst of hardship brought healing, resilience and resolve to me.

As women, we can get so caught up in perfection. It’s branded into us to look perfect, smell perfect and be perfect all the time or else we start to lose value in society. We have to redefine the way we measure our value and worth and just live in color, dare to dream, dare to play, dare to be different, dare to love, find value in the work of our hands and courageously live. It’s time that we drop the Titanic mentality. It’s not every ‘man’ for themselves. We have to support, invest and sponsor each other. Our success is collective as a community. It’s about all of us being a force and standing as one, together.

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We miss you Kate…

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